Game Of Thrones: Prepare For War With New Season 8 Images

Posted 2019/02/071590

After a few teasers that gave pretty much nothing away, we’d been waiting for something – frankly anything – from Game Of Thrones Season 8 to sustain us during the long winter wait for, well, winter to return. And from the looks of these new official images put online by HBO, things are looking pensive, as you might expect with Jeremy the Night King and his army of the dead stomping towards humanity’s forces.

Well, everyone looks pensive except Jaime, who more looks like he just won a free sword from Captain Stabworthy’s Blade Shack And Roast Chicken Emporium.

The new season, which will feature just six episodes (most of them reaching feature length, however) is preparing to wrap up the story and reveal once and for all who ends up on the Iron Throne this time around, assuming there’s still a throne to be sat upon when the forces of darkness are done rampaging across the land.

New alliances will be forged, old hatreds will bubble to the surface, and with luck everyone will actually be able to work together to fight off the White Walkers and their forces. Well, everyone bar Cersei. For the full set, head to HBO’s blog.

Season 8 finally arrives on 14 April in the States, with the now traditional simulcast in the early hours of 15 April here, followed by a repeat in the saner evening slot. Check out everything we know so far about the show’s final run.